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Apple Jam

enjoy apples at their best- year round

Asian style salad

This salad is colorful, crisp, healthy and flavorful

Baba Ganoush

Baba Ganoush is a delicious Middle Eastern eggplant dip

Beet Salad (Russian- Korean fusion)

This raw beet salad is one of our family’s favorite salads. It is quick, easy to make, healthy and very tasty

Boiled Beef

This recipe offers a simple method of cooking a lean cut of beef in a flavorful stock

Brutti ma Buoni cookies

Brutti ma buoni literally means ugly but good. These are meringue based delicious Italian cookies.


Challah is a special enriched braided bread

Chicken Adobo

Adobo is one of the most popular dishes, and it can be made with chicken, pork, vegetables and seafood

Chocolate Zephyr (Marshmallow)

Zephyr is an airy and delicate confectionery, similar to marshmallows, but made with apple puree


Ciabatta – a unique Italian bread recipe

Clear Mirror Glaze

This clear glaze is very easy to make, and it adds a beautiful shine to cakes

Coconut macaroons

Quick and easy to make coconut macaroons

Eggplant Adobo

We love Filipino cuisine. This recipe offers a delicious vegetarian eggplant adobo

Eggplant Salad – with Tomatoes & Peppers

This eggplant dish is one of my all time favorite things to eat.

Fresh Egg Yolk Pasta Dough

Make homemade, hand-cut, fresh egg yolk Pasta Dough from scratch!