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Braided apple filled Danish coffee cake

Braided apple filled Danish coffee cake makes wonderful breakfast or brunch pastry.

Bread and Butter Pudding

We love this delicious and comforting British dessert


This recipe offers the traditional Brioche à tête (Parisienne)

Butter Rolls

These butter rolls are soft and delicious. Serve them for breakfast, use as hamburger or sandwich buns.

Cheese and Herb Omelette

A rolled French omelette is a quick, creamy and moist egg dish. It starts out like scrambled eggs, but when the eggs start to set, the omelet is rolled over.

Cheese Pancakes

Cheese pancakes are very popular in East Europe and Russia. They are called ‘Sirniki’, and are made with homemade ricotta cheese. Delicious served with sour cream, with homemade jam, honey, chocolate or just sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Cinnamon Rolls

Iced cinnamon filled sweet dough rolls, also known as cinnamon buns, are common breakfast pastries

Danish Pastry Rolls (Schnecken)

Danish pastry rolls make a delicious breakfast or brunch pastry

Easy French Toast

Spoil yourself with a quick, sweet or savory delicious breakfast dish

Easy Pancakes

Make delicious, fluffy homemade buttermilk pancakes from scratch!

Egg salad

Quick and easy classic egg salad recipe

French Onion Tart

The sweet and creamy onion filling makes this a great tart served for breakfast, brunch or dinner

Grandma Emma’s Pancakes (Oladushki)

Once you try Grandma Emmas Russian style pancakes recipe, you will want them every day!

Granola (Muesli)

Granola (Muesli) is a delicious and healthy treat, served over yogurt or as cereals

Lemon buttermilk Bundt cake

Although it keeps well for several days, it disappears quickly at our house!