Bird’s Milk Cake

Bird’s milk has been one of the most popular and loved cakes since the 60’s in soviet countries

Macaroni and Cheese

Enjoy this delicious, gooey stove-top mac and cheese recipe


This recipe offers the traditional Brioche à tête (Parisienne)

Grandma Emma’s Pancakes (Oladushki)

Once you try Grandma Emmas Russian style pancakes recipe, you will want them every day!

Esterházy Cake

Esterhazy is a delicious traditional Hungarian torte, and one of the most popular cakes in the world

Garlic Plov (Uzbek pilaf rice with garlic)

My dad Leon and I made Plov – the national dish of Uzbekistan

Chocolate Coconut Cake

Try this gluten free chocolate coconut cake. It is simple, and very delicious

Caramel Layer Cake

Perfect cake for caramel lovers: 6 thin sponge cake layers filled with rich caramel frosting and topped with salted caramel glaze

Diplomat cream

Diplomat cream is a lighter version of pastry cream. It can be used to fill cakes and pastries, or as a dessert

White chocolate Caramel Mousse

Try our delicious recipe for a silky white chocolate and caramel mousse

Braided apple filled Danish coffee cake

Braided apple filled Danish coffee cake makes wonderful breakfast or brunch pastry.

Daniella Torte (chocolate hazelnut mousse cake)

Chocolate and hazelnuts make a fantastic flavor combination. Grandma Emma and I came up with this cake, and it always gets compliments

Cinnamon Rolls

Iced cinnamon filled sweet dough rolls, also known as cinnamon buns, are common breakfast pastries

Vegetable Salad with Thousand Island Dressing

Try this quick and easy fresh vegetable & lettuce salad, dressed with a creamy thousand island dressing

Bavarian Cream Cake

Make this beautiful Bavarian cream sponge cake for someone special