Easy Apple cake (Sharlotka)

Sharlotka is a very popular apple cake in post-soviet, and East European countries

Madeleines (French small cakes)

Madeleines are shell shaped small sponge cakes from the Lorraine region of France

Chocolate Brownies

This recipe offers delicious, moist and rich chocolate brownies

Apple Tart Tatin

Tart Tatin is a delicious French upside down cake

Manti (Steamed dumplings)

Manti are Central Asian steamed dumplings

Daniella Torte (chocolate hazelnut mousse cake)

Chocolate and hazelnuts make a fantastic flavor combination. Grandma Emma and I came up with this cake, and it always gets compliments

Savory Cabbage Strudel

Cabbage strudel made with traditional strudel dough


Challah is a special enriched braided bread

Apple Strudel

The traditional strudel dough is very thin and elastic

Mushroom Crêpes

These are delicious savory mushroom filled pan-fried crepes. Enjoy these as a fabulous hot appetizer

Linzer Torte

This recipe offers the traditional Linzertorte, named after the city of Linz, Austria

Strawberry Preserve

Strawberry preserve is made using whole strawberries

Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parmesan is one of the most popular and known Italian dishes

Bird’s Milk Cake

Bird’s milk has been one of the most popular and loved cakes since the 60’s in soviet countries

Potato Gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi is made of potatoes and flour