How to Glaze a Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate ganache is very easy to make, and only requires two ingredients. Warm chocolate ganache can be poured over a cake or torte for a smooth and shiny glaze.

Beurre Blanc

Beurre Blanc is a classic French sauce, made by incorporating butter into a reduction of white wine.

White Chocolate Frosting (Ganache)

White chocolate frosting is quick and easy to make

Pastry Cream (Crème pâtissière) 

Pastry cream is a custard variation. It is used as a filling for many cakes and pastries.


Eclairs filled with diplomat cream (pastry cream lightened with whipped cream) and glazed with chocolate

Diplomat cream

Diplomat cream is a lighter version of pastry cream. It can be used to fill cakes and pastries, or as a dessert

Easy French Toast

Spoil yourself with a quick, sweet or savory delicious breakfast dish

Hollandaise sauce

Hollandaise sauce is rich and buttery and goes well with fish, meat, vegetable and egg dishes

French Onion Tart

The sweet and creamy onion filling makes this a great tart served for breakfast, brunch or dinner

Frozen Soufflé (Grand Marnier soufflé glacé)

Frozen soufflé is traditionally served in a ramekin to mimic the look of a hot soufflé


Making fresh, homemade Mayonnaise is quick and easy, yet tastes so delicious.


This recipe offers the traditional Brioche à tête (Parisienne)

Madeleines (French small cakes)

Madeleines are shell shaped small sponge cakes from the Lorraine region of France

Chocolate Bavarian Cream

Chocolate Bavarian cream is great served by itself as a dessert, or as a filling for cakes and pastries

Chocolate Mousse

This delicious chocolate mousse is rich, airy, velvety, and smooth. Serve this classic chocolate mousse for dessert in a martini glass for fancy presentation.